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22 mars 08:00 24 mars 17:00

Melanomföreningen deltar med en representant.

Melanoma is a challenge even when it is not rare, and in MPNE, we often deal with patients experiencing misdiagnoses and a lack of access to specialised centres. We want to make a difference for all patients, including children, adolescents, and young adults (CAYA), and for that, we joined MELCAYA.  MELCAYA, a project of 21 European partners, has the ambition to build non-invasive AI technologies for early diagnosis and risk prediction in children and young patients and a second opinion platform. MELCAYA is also looking for ways to bring these technologies to melanoma patients.  However, individual countries ultimately decide on their value within the Health Technology Assessment and, subsequently, on reimbursement. This meeting will explore our understanding of the barriers to melanoma care for CAYA by using design thinking methods and mapping the Patient Journey. The value of new diagnostic technologies and the policy efforts to improve cancer/melanoma care in CAYA will be debated during the Focus Session with our MELCAYA partners.