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23 april 14:00 24 april 14:00

Melanomföreningen deltar med en representant för Brace for impact workshop:

The motivation

This is a joint event between ECHoS, Establishing Cancer Mission Hubs: Network and Synergies and the two EchoS ambassador projects PCM4EU, Personalised Cancer Medicine for all EU citizens and PRIME-ROSE, Precision Cancer Medicine Repurposing System Using Pragmatic Clinical Trials.

The April workshop Brace yourself for impact is the first out of a series of three that will test different methods and tools to help cancer communities develop their own frameworks and models to track the impact of their activities.

Each of the three workshops will address one of the pillars of the EU Cancer Mission- I prevention, II diagnosis and treatment and III quality of life and survivorship- and will be co-organised with interested communities with the relevant technical expertise to produce relevant outcomes. Outcomes and learnings will be documented and shared as ’impact model prototypes’ to serve as inspiration for the Cancer community; they will also be part of the diverse toolkits and resources ECHoS is producing for the cancer community and national cancer mission hubs.

Brace yourself for impact for pillar II: precision medicine implementation

The PCM4EU and PRIME-ROSE consortia have year-long experience with the implementation of DLCTs, DRUP-Like Clinical Trials, pragmatic national cancer precision medicine trials based on the original DRUP[1] protocol in different European countries, including Widening Countries. With help of the EFIS Centre, PCM4EU, PRIME-ROSE and other interested parties will map the pathways to societal, scientific, and economic impact of precision medicine implementation; tracking and documenting impacts will not only allow to align activities but also inform decision-makers at multiple levels. The event will take place in conjunction with the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum in Stockholm, 22nd- 23rd April, and is generously supported by the Precision Medicine Forum which serves as a regular convenor of the precision medicine community.

The intent  

Missions are intended to address society’s most vexing, complex problems- such as cancer. Complex systems like health however do not change in linear, predictable ways which poses a challenge for mission practitioners: how does one ensure one’s actions result in the desired impact? The April edition of Brace yourself for impact will pilot how communities can develop their impact assessment frameworks on the example of precision medicine implementation; further editions are in preparation and will evaluate other methodologies